Thursday, May 15, 2014

Preschool Grad

Abby had her preschool graduation this week. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera and all the pictures are on Sam's phone. 

Today was the last day of school and they had a water day.

I dropped Abby off and went home for Grant to have a nap and then we came back early so Clara and Grant could play for a while. Grant was more into the water than the girls. Clara was true to form and was too wimpy. She barely got wet before she informed me it was too cold. 

I can't even believe Abby is going to be starting kindergarten in the fall. I'm sad for her to go but I think it's going to be good for her. She's always more pleasant on the days she has school.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Casa Grande Ruins

We figured that we'd better visit our town's namesake before we move. (I didn't tell you we were moving, blogging world. Well, we are.)

The Casa Grande ruins (actually located in Coolidge, AZ, not Casa Grande, AZ--go figure) are the remains of an ancient Native American city. What we learned is  that nobody really knows what this structure, "the big house" was used for and nobody really knows what happened to the people who lived in this city. There are lots of theories, which are interesting but not particularly educational.

The girls enjoyed exploring the different rooms scattered around the grounds and they were really good during the movie. It was a pleasant morning spending time together as a family.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Abby lost another tooth, though this one didn't come about too quickly...

The tooth was wiggly for a while, but she refused to wiggle it. Since the first lost tooth included blood, she was very nervous about losing another one. Sam was starting to worry the new tooth was going to come in in the wrong place. We tried bribery, scare tactics and begging. Finally, Sam took her to his office without really talking about it, sat her in the chair and just quickly pulled it out. Then, he took her to the dollar store to pick out a prize.

When this girl puts her mind to something (or to not doing something), it's hard to get her to budge. She does seem more prepared and ready to wiggle the next lose tooth that comes along.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Clara's Stiches

Clara was dancing around the living room in a tutu when she suddenly fell down and smacked her head into the coffee table. I immediately scooped her up and ran into the bathroom to get a towel to stop the bleeding. When I got her settled down on the couch, I removed to towel to check things out. The cut was gaping open but there was hardly any blood. I thought she probably needed stitches but the lack of blood was throwing me off. I couldn't get ahold of Sam so I called my BIL to get his opinion. When I sent him a pic, he said she should probably go in. As I was trying to figure out where to take her, Sam called back and said he could come home and take her in. 
After three hours in the ER, lots of screaming and a trip to the dollar store, she came home with 3 stitches on her beautiful face.
She has been healing well and I think scarring should be minimal thanks to the wonderful skin of a kid.

It's Tough Being the Baby Brother

Poor Grant gets subjected to girly things a lot. He is frequently covered in glitter or wearing jewelry. He doesn't seem to mind much. I think he's just glad he's being included because he is so often shut out from what the girls are doing. The other day, the girls put these tutus on him and it was cracking me up. You can tell by his face that he wasn't as amused.

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