Friday, June 29, 2012


We don't have a pool at our complex but we have three close by that we are allowed to use because they are owned by the same people who own our complex. Allyson lives in one of the complexes so we met her over there, with Tiff, to hit the pool.

It was the perfect day for a swim--warm enough that the water felt good but not too hot that you thought you would die from heat stroke.

Clara like it for a while but when the novelty wore off she kept telling me, "All done." She's the same way in the tub. We spent time sitting on various chairs and walking around.

Abby loved it. She especially loved being in the baby floaty and swimming around all by herself, which was nice because she was pretty independent while I was busy following Clara around.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


As I mentioned in my last post, our friends, The Bostons came to town for a visit. We had a blast visiting all of Kelley's favorite digs with her.

It was so fun watching Abby play with one of her favorite gal pals. They were so cute playing dress-up and other girlie things.

We went to Friendlys for lunch.

Abby got strawberry milk. Pink milk was very exciting.

Abby took this lovely shot of Allyson and I.

Abby's cool monster ice cream. It looks kind of like a baby with a pacifier to me.

Everyone got together for a birthday party at the park. The sprinklers weren't draining well so there was just a big puddle. The puddle was plenty of fun though.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach Day

One of our favorite Philly families, the Bostons, came to town for a visit. They wanted to make a trip to Ocean City so we decided to head to the shore with them. We had a great group of friends which made for a perfect day at the beach.

Abby spent most of her time playing in the sand. The girl loves to dig.

Clara was a busy bee. She loved digging and playing in the water. My back is sore from bending down and hanging onto her so she wouldn't get swept out to sea.

I learned a very valuable lesson: Put your sunscreen on AFTER you remove you shirt. My back is totally fried.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

We had a birthday party to attend at the park by our house so we decided to head over early to give the girls lots of time to play. There is a ghetto little "splash pad" that is on in the late afternoon/evenings of the summer months.

The girls had an absolute blast playing in the sprinklers.

Clara was fearless, even though she is at the perfect height to get blasted in the face. She kept falling down but was having too much fun to worry about it.

I'm sure we'll be making many more trips to the sprinklers this summer.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberry Festival

We went to the Strawberry Festival at Linvilla Orchards. The weather was perfect and it was a much needed outing for our family.

They had a ton of different chickens and other animals you could look at and feed. Clara is a big animal lover. It's fun to see her so excited. We got some food for Abby to feed the ducks but they weren't particularly interested. I think they had been getting plenty to eat all day.

We took a hay straw ride to go pick our own strawberries. Both of the girls enjoyed the ride.

We had a lot of fun picking strawberries. We filled up two little containers.

Abby was a great strawberry picker. She and daddy sampled a few to make sure they were good.

Clara would pick the strawberries up right off the ground and eat them, stem and all. I was able to distract her with some fruit snacks.

After we finished picking our strawberries we got some lunch. We missed out on buying a piece of the Delaware Valley's largest strawberry shortcake. We were a little bummed because it looked delicious but we comforted ourselves with some apple cider doughnuts.

We had a lot of fun and hope to go back for some of the other festivals throughout the summer and into to fall.

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