Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Peterson Family Reunion

First of all, we are back home! Hallelujah! It is so nice to sleep in our own bed (but, more importantly, it is nice to have Abby in her crib). Don't let my elation fool you though, our two-month vacation was amazing! We will never be able to spend that much time with our family again and that makes us really sad!

The main event while we were in Utah was the Peterson Family Reunion. Sam's great-grandma, parents, seven of the eight siblings and spouses and twenty grandkids came together from all over the country (world, actually) for a week of fun at the Homestead in Midway, Utah. It was a total blast. Thankfully, I was able to steal a bunch of pictures from my mother-in-law, since words alone can't describe the fun that was had!

At the Homestead, they have indoor and outdoor pools/jacuzzis. This was no ordinary indoor jacuzzi though, it was enormous. Abby loved sitting and climbing on the steps that went the whole length of the jacuzzi.

This stroller was a hot commodity all week, more so for pushing around than riding in. Abby was happy to do either.

Our cute family before putting Abby down for the night. All things considered, she did pretty well sleeping. Poor girl sure got shuffled around a lot during the last two months.

Sam and I organized a Minute to Win It challenge for all of the adults. I will only post pictures of Sam and I playing so as to not embarrass anyone. In this game, you have to get an Oreo from your forehead into your mouth by twitching your face. It was (along with all of the games) hilarious. I highly recommend doing this at your next group gathering.

Everyone pitched in making all of the food. There was a lot and it was delicious!

One of the days, we took a mini-road trip to Talmage, UT so Great-Grandma Kenison could show us where she grew up.

This tree was on grandma's property when she was a little girl. The house is gone but the tree stands strong.

Sam's mom caught us all snoozing in the back seat. We really are sleeping despite how posed it looks.

There was a little playground just outside our condo where the kids loved to play.

We spent another day at Jordanelle Reservoir swimming and jet-skiing. Abby and I went back to the condo before too long to catch a nap, so we missed a lot of the excitement.

Abby was nice to share her Oreos with grandpa. Little did he know, there was a lovely treat in her swim diaper. Yuck!

I love playing with all of my nieces and nephews. Poor Ben was sick all week. He was feeling better the last day so we had some story time.

Great-Grandma Kenison was such a trooper all week! She's not used to so much craziness going on all the time.

On our last afternoon, all of the girls went for pedicures and appetizers in Park City. It was so fun to bond with the ladies. I have wonderful sisters-in-law.

It is reunion tradition to make tye-dye shirts for all of the grandkids. They turn out so cute and make a fun picture for grandma and grandpa!

It was such a fun trip. It was sad saying goodbye knowing that it will probably be the next reunion that we get to see most of them again!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sorry I've been totally MIA for several weeks, but believe it or not, we are STILL on vacation. We have been having a blast spending time with our family. However, since I have been failing hard at taking pictures, our adventures probably wouldn't be that interesting to you. I'll get around to an overview post one of these days and I promise to do better when we get home.

Until then, here is a cute picture for you to enjoy...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Pictures and a Day at the Beach

While we were in San Diego, Merrick set up her tripod and did some set-the-timer-and-run group shots. Abby wasn't very cooperative because she didn't quite get the concept of smiling at the camera with nobody behind it. Luckily, when Merrick actually stepped behind the camera, she was able to get some good shots.

Her little tongue is always making an appearance these days.

After lunch and naps, we suited up and went out to play at the beach.

Sam and Philip braved the cold water to play in the waves.

Abby wanted grampy to bury her.

Sam was laying in the sand so Abby thought she would join him.

Where was I, you ask? Totally passed out on my towel. Gotta love vacation with the grandparents around!
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