Sunday, July 26, 2015

21 Day Fix: What I Ate-Week 1

This week, I started the 21 Day Fix. If you haven't heard about the program, it is a combination on 30-minute workouts and portioned, color-coded meals. The workouts are great! I've been sore in different parts of my body all week! The eating plan is pretty great too, though it definitely takes some planning. I am coming to the end of my first week and wanted to share my meal plan.

I printed off these meal planner calendars. They're awesome. As you are planning out your meals, you can check off the colors at the top to make sure you're getting everything in.

As I was filling in my meals, I found that I had the hardest time getting in my "reds" (protein) so I would usually try to fit those in and then plan my meals around it. I also wanted my meals to be things my family would enjoy. I didn't want to be making multiple dinners everyday. I usually just wrote "fruit" or "veggie" because I hadn't been shopping yet and wanted to buy what was on sale.

So, here is what I ate in week one:

Breakfast: Plain Yogurt (Red) with Sliced Cherries (Purple)and vanilla (free)
Snack: Celery (Green) with Peanut Butter (2 t)
Lunch: 2 Corn Tortilla (Yellow) with Sliced Turkey (Red) and Broccoli (Green)
Snack: Olives (Orange)
Dinner: Thai Beef with Basil over Coconut Rice (Red-I took my meat out before adding the brown sugar and soy sauce for my family) (Yellow-switch to brown rice) and (Blue-Coconut Milk in the Rice)  served with Cucumbers (Green)
Snack: Watermelon Smoothie:Greek Yogurt (Red), Watermelon (Purple), ice, and vanilla 
This was not my favorite. I know some people love Greek Yogurt but it's not my favorite.

After day one, I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't starving like I typically am when I start counting calories.

Breakfast: 1/2 Whole Wheat Bagel Thin (Yellow) with 2 scrambled eggs (Red) and Turkey Bacon ( Red)
Snack: Baby Carrots (Green)
Lunch: Baked Sweet Potato (Yellow) topped with Sliced Ham (Red) with Cucumber (Green)
Snack: Watermelon (Purple)
Dinner: Chicken Taco Bowl-Baked, Seasoned Chicken(Red), Romaine Lettuce and Tomatoes(Green), Cheddar Cheese(Blue) and Olives (Orange)
My family kids had theirs in tortillas with some tortilla chips on the side.
Snack: Sliced Apple (Purple) with Peanut Butter (2 t)

Breakfast: Oatmeal (Yellow) with Blueberries (Purple)
Snack: 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs (Red) with Hot Sauce (The hot sauce freebie has been my best friend!)
Lunch: Leftover Seasoned Chicken (1 1/2 Red) mixed with Black Beans (Yellow) and more hot sauce
Snack: Carrots (Green) with Hummus (Blue)
Dinner: Chef Salad-Assorted Veggies (2 Greens), Sliced Turkey (Red), Turkey Bacon (1/2 Red), Creamy Herb Dressing (Orange)
Snack: Sliced Apple (Purple) with Peanut Butter (2 t)

Breakfast: Two Scrambled Eggs (Red) mixed with Diced Ham (Red) and Spinach (Green)
Snack: Sunflower Seed (Orange)
Lunch: Leftover Thai Beef and Rice (Red and Yellow)
Snack: Snow Peas
Dinner: English Muffin Pizzas-Whole Wheat English Muffin (Yellow) topped with Pizza Sauce (a bit of purple) and Mozzarella (Blue) with Cajun Brussels Sprouts (Green, plus 2 t evoo for cooking) and Grapes (Purple)
Snack: Banana Shake- Banana (Purple), Plain Yogurt (Red), ice, vanilla and cinnamon
This was yummy. It felt like a real treat!

Breakfast: Plain Yogurt (Red) mixed with Sliced Cherries (Purple) and Vanilla And, accidentally, WAY too much cinnamon.
Snack: Sunflower Seeds (Orange)
Lunch: Sliced Turkey (Red) wrapped around 2 Sliced Hard-boiled Eggs (Red) topped with hot sauce and Baby Carrots (Green)
Snack: Cherries and Grapes (Purple)
Dinner: Taco Salad-Seasoned Ground Beef (Red) Lettuce and Tomatoes (2 Greens) Cheddar Cheese (Blue), Brown Rice with Cilantro and Lime (Yellow) and Red Beans (Yellow) topped with hot sauce
There was also olives, chips and  guacamole for the rest of the family.
Snack: Peanut Butter (2 t)

Breakfast: 2 Scrambled Eggs (Red) with Diced Ham (Red) and Spinach (Green)
Snack: Cucumbers (Green)
Lunch: Salad-Spinach and Tomatoes (Green), Grilled Chicken (Red), Cheddar Cheese (Blue), Brown Rice (Yellow) and Creamy Herb Dressing (Orange)
Snack: Sliced Apple (Purple) and Peanut Butter (2 t)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork (Red-I skipped the vinegar/mustard sauce and it was still delicious.) with Smashed Sweet Potato (Yellow) and Mixed Vegetable (Green)
Snack: Peach (Purple)

Breakfast: Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes (Green and Red) with Peanut Butter (2 t)
These were not my favorite. Though, I didn't totally follow the recipe so they might have been better.
Snack: Sunflower Seed
Lunch: 1/2 a Whole Wheat Bagel (Yellow) with Sliced turkey (Red) and Hummus (Blue) with Snow Peas (Green) dipped in the rest of the hummus
Snack: Strawberries
Dinner: Slow Cooker Beef Roast with Carrots (Red, Green, Yellow)
I added potatoes (for yellow) and garlic (because I love garlic). My family will have French Bread.
Snack: Banana Shake- Banana (Purple), Plain Yogurt (Red), ice, vanilla and cinnamon

So, that's my first week on the 21 Day Fix! There has been more preparation and dishes to do but I think my whole family had a week of healthier food choices. Bring on Week 2!

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