Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flashback Sunday: Meet the Parents

As was mentioned last Flashback Sunday, (yes, I'm perfectly aware it was a couple of weeks ago) I spent several weeks visiting my parents in Arizona during the summer we started dating (2007).

A few days before I left, Sam and I were having a deep, heartfelt talk about our feelings regarding one another. In the midst of our discussion, Sam said something along the lines of, "I'm glad you're leaving..." I immediately got emotional thinking that meant he wanted to break up with me. After some apologies and backpedaling, he reassured me that what he meant was that he thought it would make our relationship stronger to spend some time apart--to make sure our feelings were just as strong when we weren't together every waking moment. Then, he told me that he loved me and I told him that I loved him back. (Awww)

The day of my flight, Sam and I had planned to go to temple square in Salt Lake City before heading to the airport. The time came for us to get going and Sam was nowhere to be heard of. I called him several times and finally went outside to wait. While I was outside, Sam's roommate came home (remember, we were next door neighbors) and asked me what I was doing outside. He went inside and found Sam totally snoozing. His phone was on vibrate and didn't wake him up. He rushed to get ready and we still had time to do the things we had planned.

I was pretty emotional at the airport. Sam wasn't just my boyfriend but my best friend and I didn't want to be apart from him. We said our goodbyes and I headed off.

After being in Arizona for only a couple of days, Sam booked a ticket to come visit me and meet my parents. Until that time came, we talked on the phone for several hours each night. A few weeks into the visit, my parents got the cell phone bill and it was astronomical. My parents were pretty upset with me but I assured them I only talked after the free night minutes started. When I called to find out why the bill was so high, they explained that because I was added to the phone plan later, my night minutes started an hour later than my parents did. Oops! I convinced them to reduce the bill but it was still significantly more than my parents had ever paid. Needless to say, our phone conversations started a bit later after that.

I was thrilled when Sam finally came to visit. While he was in Arizona we did a lot of fun things.

We ate delicious Mexican food.

We went to a Diamondbacks game.

We walked around the Mesa temple grounds.

And we spent a lot of time swimming and playing at my parent's house.

I also talked to Sam's parents on the phone since it would be a while before I could meet them. They were serving a mission in England.

It was such a fun visit and after he left I couldn't wait to get back to Utah to be together again. Despite how hard it was being apart, the time I spent in Arizona really did make our relationship stronger.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Rut (Or Several)

I am in the midst of several different ruts (the more I say that word in my head, the stranger it sounds), which have been going on for varying lengths of time.

I have been in a meal planning/cooking rut since the beginning of my pregnancy (for obvious reasons). Now that I am happily postpartum, my desire to cook (and my ability to think about the word chicken without gagging) has returned. However, I can't, for the life of me, think of what to make. Aside from a few quick, go-to meals, I don't really like making the same meal twice and I feel like the well of recipe ideas has run dry. I know, I know, there approximately 76 billion food blogs out there, but (gasp) I don't like to use recipes from the computer very often (which probably has to do with the fact that I have about 1 square foot of counter space in my kitchen and therefore nowhere to put the laptop.) I guess it boils down to the fact that my main source of new recipes (my beloved Cook's Country magazine) has stopped coming. Because when you're living off student loans and they raise your rent 30 dollars a month, somethings gotta go. (Sigh)

I have been in a creative rut. For a while there, I feel like I was whipping up projects like nobody's business, even pre-making gifts for baby showers. But lately, I am scrambling the night before a baby shower to make something or even resorting to a trip to Target (not that there's anything wrong with store-bought gifts, but they can make a tight budget even tighter). I think the solution to this problem would be a trip to JoAnns, but alas, those omnipresent student loans are screaming at me to stay away and I believe it wise to listen.

I have been in a spiritual rut. My faith is strong but my works are leaving something to be desired. I won't go into details, but I could definitely be working harder to do more to be better.

I have been in a productivity rut. The culprit? (No, not money, or the lack thereof.) But rather, a ridiculous amount of time spent catching up on Glee. At least the end to this rut is in sight. I only have a few episodes left and then my obsession can be put on hold until this fall.

I have been in a blogging rut. I have been keeping up on the big things but neglecting posts (a lot like this one) that actually express something. I never wanted my blog to be just a chronicle of the major events in my life with happy pictures and cheery captions (no offense if that's how your blog is, it's just not comprehensive enough for me). I want to remember everything that went on in my life, even if there are no pictures and it's not that cheery.

As I've been thinking about a way to summarize my thoughts about all of these things or trying to find a game plan to make things better, I am kind of at a loss. Maybe I'm in more of a rut than I thought...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It has been raining at least once a day for the past week and a half. Needless to say, we have been spending a lot of time enjoying the great indoors. I'm so grateful to have Clara. Her arrival in our family has kept me busier, which keeps the days from dragging.

Despite all of the rain, it has stayed pretty warm. Abby desperately wanted to go outside so we let her put on her boots and splash around on the balcony. She even colored with chalk on the two inches on dry cement next to the sliding glass door.

Abby loves to lay by Clara. She truly is the best big sister we could have asked for.

Clara loves Abby right back. She smiles at her crazy antics and even awarded Abby her first giggle.

Clara is such a sweetheart. Abby was a great baby, but Clara is a gem. I think it has something to do with that fact that we kind-of sort-of know what we're doing as parents.

We decided to try Clara in the Bumbo. I don't think she's quite ready for it yet.

The sun is finally shining but the rain has left some brutal humidity in its wake. I wasn't brave enough to venture to the park for playgroup today. Thank heaven the pool will open in less than a week!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Budding Photographer

Abby has improved a lot as a photographer since the last time I posted one of her masterpieces.

She took this gem on my due date. I think it sums up the feelings of the day quite well.

Her favorite subject is her baby sister.

Picture of some genius in the making. (And there's that little foot reminiscent of her first photo session. I think it's her trademark.)

Friday, May 13, 2011


This is how we found Clara yesterday morning...

She managed to shimmy her way out of her swaddle AND her jammies.


I've always enjoyed doing hair--twists, braids, ponytails--I love it all. Needless to say, when Abby swiftly lost her newborn hair, I was pretty bummed.

Now that her hair is finally getting long, I've had a blast giving her different hairstlyes. Otherwise, it just hangs in her eyes and gets into everything. Hair crusted to her snotty nose=gross!

This week, I gave her french braid ponytails!

She looked so cute! Perfect for a warm day at the park.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flashback Sunday: Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime?

The first kiss really sealed the deal for our budding romance. The next Sunday I was sitting outside of my apartment when one of our mutual friends made a comment about Sam and I being "official." It was nice to be informed of this, seeing as we had never really discussed it. In my opinion, it's best to avoid that awkward conversation at all costs.

Aside from work and class, we spent all of our time together. We grocery shopped, studied, ate dinner and played together.

Some of Sam's buddies from work were going fishing and invited us to tag along. I come from a not-so-outdoorsy family and this was my first time fishing. The guys we went with assured us that this was the best place to go--that they always caught stuff there. We were, apparently, bad luck because neither of us caught anything. Despite the heat and a pretty nasty sunburn, we had a really fun time. I loved seeing Sam play with the kiddos. I got a glimpse at what a wonderful father he would be.

We spent a lot of time outside going for walks and playing in the park.

We spent even more time sitting on the couch relaxing!

Sam left for several days to help his brother drive across the country. We hadn't spent more than 36 hours apart since our first date. Needless to say, I missed him a lot. He sent me some flowers while he was gone because he missed me too! (Yes, I know, I look so young and skinny! Ha!)

Before we started dating, I had planned to spend a few weeks with my parents in Arizona. Now that I had met the man of my dreams, I was totally bummed to leave. In the long run, it was good for our relationship to spend some time apart, but more on that later. Anyway, the night before my departure we went to a delicious dinner at Teppanyaki (the deliciousness was diminished slightly by the lack of AC in the restaurant) follow by a drive-in movie. We borrowed Sam's roommate's awesome truck (also lacking AC), so we were forced to drive in silence to Salt Lake with the windows all the way down.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

White Coat Ceremony

I'd like you to meet Student-Doctor Peterson...

Sam received his white coat, which means he is now allowed to work on real patients in the clinic!

You can't really tell, but here is Sam being coated.

Sam and his classmates taking their dental oath.

Daddy's support system. Clara was by far the most popular person in the room.

Russ, Nate, Sam, Scott, Lance and Chris---the Mormon Boys

We are so proud of all of his hard work. He is going to be an amazing dentist.

Big Girl Bed

Abby filled up her potty chart and earned her big reward--a big girl bed!

Don't let these pictures deceive you. She didn't end up sleeping in it that day (or the next day for that matter). She kept asking to sleep in her cribby so she could have her blanket. We compromised and let her have a blanket in her bed (baby steps) and she napped happily this afternoon. Hopefully we can wean the blanket soon without total disaster.

*Note- We aren't opposed to blankies, just the fact that she sucks on them and dentist daddy is worried about her teeth!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flashback Sunday: The First Kiss

As previously mentioned, it was a long-awaited first kiss. If we're being honest though, it really wasn't that long. 13 days from our first date, to be exact. It seemed long though because we spent every spare minute we had hanging out with each other.

After school/work, I accompanied Sam to his work BBQ. (I know, right? Who brings a girl they haven't even smooched yet to a work party?) The guys from work had been teasing him that he was making me up so he thought he'd better bring me along to prove my existence.

We cut out of the party early to head to Sam's ultimate frisbee game. Sam can't remember the outcome of the game but I'm fairly certain they lost (miserably). However, being the last game of the season, everyone decided a celebration was in order anyway.

We all met back at Sam's apartment for ice cream.

While everyone was hanging out, it started to rain. I suggested to Sam that we go play in the rain. (Too many good kissing opportunities had passed and what's more romantic than a kiss in the rain?)

While we were walking/dancing (Sam walking, me dancing) around outside. Sam gave me a hug and, being a romantic, asked me if he could push me in the bushes. I made some snarky comment like, "Do it and see what happens."

After getting sufficiently wet, we started to head back inside. We paused for another hug under a light. I looked up at Sam and he planted one on me. There were fireworks and angels singing. Best first kiss ever! Totally worth the loooonnng wait!

And 700,000,000 kisses later, there are still fireworks and angels singing.
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