Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Deborah

Right now, Sam is off helping a family move into their new apartment. After that, he is going to play basketball (not his favorite activity) with a group of guys that really needed an extra player. When these kinds of activities come up for Sam, I always grumble and say something like, "They ALWAYS ask you to do stuff like this." or "They only ask you because they KNOW you will say yes." And then I mope around and complain for a while because heaven forbid Sam not be with me every possible minute of our weekend. After the grumpiness passes, I start kicking myself for complaining as I realize how kind and reliable Sam is. People know they can count on him when they need help. What a wonderful quality to have in a husband or in a friend. I wish I could be more like Sam. I want people to know I will be willing to help them whenever they asked.

That got me thinking about the kind of person I want to be:
Someone kind and reliable, like my sweet husband
Someone that everyone likes and wants to be around

Ultimately, I want to live my life so that one day someone will say, "Deborah is the best person I have ever known." Wouldn't it be amazing to have someone say that about you? Wouldn't this world be an amazing place if we all lived our lives with that goal in mind?

Now, I apologize for this random ramble. I guess I just need to publicly challenge myself (and you) to be a better person every single day so that maybe one day someone will think of me as the best person they have ever known.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Titles are Important

Now, I realize I haven't been doing so good at keeping to my blog title. This blog is called Laugh and TAKE A PICTURE! I can imagine you've done a great deal of laughing, but there haven't been a lot of pictures. I will make amends shortly.

But first... I have had a hard time deciding where to begin recording the events of my life. Now, I would really love to go back in time and tell you all about my life as a wife and then as a mother. Although I'm sure this would be wildly interesting, I think I would get overwhelmed and intimidated. So, instead, I have decided to start now. Like they say: There's no better time than the present, right?

With that said, here are some pictures of our life, thus far, in February:

If you are completely out of touch with the news (then we have something in common) you might not have heard about the large amounts of snow the east coast has been receiving. We have had more snow this winter than they've ever had in Philly's recorded history.

We decided to make the most of it and take Abby out to play. Here she is in her "I can't put my arms down" get-up.

Abby's first time sledding. She was pretty indifferent about the whole situation.

I will always and forever be an Arizona girl at heart, but it's fun for about 20 minutes.

Sam wanted to build a snowman. I was too lazy to bundle up, so I told him to just build one on our balcony. Pretty awesome, huh?

Abby's favorite snow activity was eating it from a bowl we brought in from the balcony.

Lunch at Olive Garden. We're thankful Ellen was born so we could have a great excuse to get together and eat--like we don't do it enough already. :)

How cute are these cookies I made for playgroup!?! I know, I am a culinary goddess!

Kisses for Baby McKenzie.

How big does she look in this picture? I almost started crying as soon as the preview showed up on the camera screen.

We went to the Please Touch Museum with a bunch of friends! So fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dancing Queen

My little sweetheart LOVES to dance. Whenever she hears music, she just can't help busting a move. She shakes her bootie, spins in circles and bops up and down. Her dancing often turns into an all-out family dance party. We love every second of it.

Today, she picked up one of her beloved baby dolls and started dancing with her. It was so cute it made me want to cry. She is getting too big too fast.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ode to the yellow ring...

You know those wonderful ring stacking toys that seem to exist in every child-dwelling home in America? Yeah, well we have two of them, and I think they're great. Abby builds towers with them, makes them into bracelets and of course, uses them for the traditional purpose of stacking.

Two weeks ago, I had a hoard of children over at my house for playgroup. The kids played, the moms gabbed (more on that in future posts) and good times were had by all. When the last goodbyes were said, OCD mommy came out in full force to clean and straighten up. When all was said and done, the yellow ring to one of our stackers was missing. I figured it would turn up somewhere, like the laundry basket or somewhere in my closet (or maybe even under the oven like the last toy gone missing in our house.) And yet, two weeks have passed by and no yellow ring. I don't know why I let it bug me, but it really bugs me. Maybe it's just because I can't figure out where things go to hide in my tiny apartment.

So, yellow ring, black earring and any of you other lost friends, if you're reading this, come out of hiding and give me back a small piece of my sanity.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The beginning...of the end

I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into with this blog. However, I feel that the time has come to jump on the bandwagon. I just don't think facebook is a good enough documentation of my life and I am horrible at keeping a journal.

With that said, I'm going to have to confess something to you...My life isn't glamorous. Some might even think it to be terribly mundane (gasp). I, on the other hand, think it is absolutely wonderful. I love being a stay-at-home mom. Does it get monotonous? Sometimes. Do I have days when I never set foot outsite the door of my apartment? Regularly. But, I know there is nothing in the world that I would prefer to be doing.

The moral of the story is this, my life isn't always interesting. I'm not just going to post about the wonderful adventures I have, because frankly, this would be a pretty empty blog. But, I hope to tell you about the wonderfulness that I find in my average, everyday-mommy life. Because really, there is nothing more wonderful than watching my little lady grow, laughing with her and always, taking a picture...
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