Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Pictures and a Day at the Beach

While we were in San Diego, Merrick set up her tripod and did some set-the-timer-and-run group shots. Abby wasn't very cooperative because she didn't quite get the concept of smiling at the camera with nobody behind it. Luckily, when Merrick actually stepped behind the camera, she was able to get some good shots.

Her little tongue is always making an appearance these days.

After lunch and naps, we suited up and went out to play at the beach.

Sam and Philip braved the cold water to play in the waves.

Abby wanted grampy to bury her.

Sam was laying in the sand so Abby thought she would join him.

Where was I, you ask? Totally passed out on my towel. Gotta love vacation with the grandparents around!


  1. What cute pictures! Abby looks so big!

  2. Abby is huge! Gotta love it when there are others to watch your child for you. Catch those winks when you can girl!


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