Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in action...

We have survived our first week of the dreaded second year and are being rewarded with a three-day weekend. Hooray! Lucky for you, they decided to go ahead and make it a national holiday!

It's been a tough week for Abby and me. She has been going through vacation (especially cousin Bennett) withdrawal. She has a lot of whining to do, which has, thankfully, subsided a bit.

In an attempt to liven up our days and beat the horrendous heatwave, we took a trip to the beach (which I may post pictures of later, no promises) and spent some time at the pool. This week, I am so grateful for wonderful friends. It is so nice to have people to spend the days with doing fun things.

On a totally unrelated, yet very exciting note, we have a new nephew (I know, we have a lot of those!) We are so sad that we just missed meeting him and hugging his cute little guts out.

1 comment:

  1. We seriously miss having you guys around, we were so spoiled to have you here for so long. Glad you have fun friends and the beach though!


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