Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fabric ABCs

While perusing the wonder that is Pinterest, I ran across these fabric letters and thought they would make a fun project. I made them for my girls for Christmas. Cutting out the letters from scrap fabric was a fun trip down memory lane. However, I had never realized how many letters there are until I cut out 26 of them...three times.

I didn't quilt mine, because 1) I'm really not that awesome and 2) I didn't want to spend that much time. But, I did trim the edges and throw them in the washer/dryer because I still wanted them to have the rag look.

I used denim for the back. I wanted something a little more sturdy and I had a pair of jeans just waiting to be cut up.

It's been fun using them to quiz Abby on her letters--much better that just writing them out on a piece of paper. And, Clara enjoys giving them a nibble now and then.

I has ambitions of doing the lower case letters too...maybe one day.

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