Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Irvine Park

We spent President's Day weekend in Huntington Beach with Philip and Merrick. It was a wonderful weekend: equal amounts of fun, relaxing and delicious food. Now, if only our kids would learn the art of sleeping in on vacation... it would've been perfect. 

On Friday, we went to Irvine Park. It is a really awesome park with lots of fun things to do. 

While we were eating our lunch, some peacocks kept strutting by. Clara was obsessed and kept following them. We were worried she was going to get attacked because she wouldn't keep her distance.

Inside the park is a little zoo. It's only two dollars a person for admission and it's just the right size for little ones. There are lots of neat animals and you can see them all without getting worn out.

There was a hedgehog that the kids got to pet. It was pretty cool.

They also got to feed some goats. Abby was more brave than usual and would giggle whenever they ate out of her hand.

Grant was content to ride in his stroller and look at the animals. This picture makes him look like he has huge legs.

Clara had to stop and collect some leaves. Fall foliage comes a little late in the west.

We finished the afternoon with a train ride.

That night, we had a Valentine's Day family dinner, complete with floral crowns and boutonnieres and lots of candy. 

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  1. Irvine park is where I used to have all of my high school cross country meets! We would always be running past peacocks, which I thought was so random. So fun to see a familiar place!


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