Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Deborah

Right now, Sam is off helping a family move into their new apartment. After that, he is going to play basketball (not his favorite activity) with a group of guys that really needed an extra player. When these kinds of activities come up for Sam, I always grumble and say something like, "They ALWAYS ask you to do stuff like this." or "They only ask you because they KNOW you will say yes." And then I mope around and complain for a while because heaven forbid Sam not be with me every possible minute of our weekend. After the grumpiness passes, I start kicking myself for complaining as I realize how kind and reliable Sam is. People know they can count on him when they need help. What a wonderful quality to have in a husband or in a friend. I wish I could be more like Sam. I want people to know I will be willing to help them whenever they asked.

That got me thinking about the kind of person I want to be:
Someone kind and reliable, like my sweet husband
Someone that everyone likes and wants to be around

Ultimately, I want to live my life so that one day someone will say, "Deborah is the best person I have ever known." Wouldn't it be amazing to have someone say that about you? Wouldn't this world be an amazing place if we all lived our lives with that goal in mind?

Now, I apologize for this random ramble. I guess I just need to publicly challenge myself (and you) to be a better person every single day so that maybe one day someone will think of me as the best person they have ever known.


  1. well, i've only known you for a few months, and i already think you're pretty awesome, so i'd say you're doing great!

  2. Oh you've always been one of my favorite people! Just keep on keepin' on and I think you'll find out that A LOT of people have said that about you!


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