Monday, November 22, 2010

Terrible Twos?

ALL of last week, Abby was sick with what we believe was a sinus infection. She seems to be prone to them thanks to her daddy and his "world's largest sinus cavities." Sometimes her congestion made her sad, sweet and cuddly but mostly it made her grumpy, bossy and sensitive. Last night, the grumpiness morphed into an intense tantrum.

Now, if you've spent much time around Abby, you know that she is quite pleasant. I don't think I could even convince my closest friends of the level of fury behind her tyraid. I kind of wish I had filmed it so you could really understand.

She decided she didn't want what we were having for dinner, which doesn't fly in our house, especially when I know she likes what we are having. She kept repeating, "Something else" at higher volumes until there was smoke coming out of her ears. Sam put her in a time-out, which only made matters worse. She proceeded to storm around the house, throwing herself on the ground and wailing. I was certain she was going to throw herself right down the stairs.

After what seemed like an eternity, she walked into her room and got her blankey (which doesn't usually leave her crib, but you choose your battles, right?) She came and sat with me on the couch because Sam and I had finished eating at this point. She then went and gave Sam some cuddles and asked him to build towers with her.

As they started to play, I went and sat down at the table and started eating a chip. She looked up at me, walked over to the table, climbed into her chair and proceeded to eat the meal I had prepared. Aren't two-year-olds hilarious? I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction for standing my ground. She may have won a small battle, but we won the war! HA!

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