Friday, November 12, 2010

Please Touch Museum

For our playgroup this week, we went to the Please Touch Museum. Several of the libraries around Philadelphia let you pick up free passes (One pass admits 4 people which would cost ya 60 bucks!) I absolutely love going to this museum! It's in this gorgeous building that was built for a world's fair and it's huge! There are so many fun things to do. We never have the chance to get to everything in one trip.

When we were getting ready in the morning, Abby asked me to give her baby ponytails. Then, she decided that she needed a ponytail too. I was thrilled and quickly took a picture right away anticipating that she would take it out before we even left the house. She actually kept it in all day! I guess our morning routine will have to include a hairdo for her baby more often.

Isn't this little piano (dano in Abby-speak) so adorable? I wish we could have one at our house.

Brooklyn and Abby worked together to operate some heavy machinery.

Abby likes playing with letters at home and the ones at the museum are about four times the size of her magnet letters.

These little racecars were a hit for Abby this time. I had a hard time getting her out when it was time to go home.

I can't wait to go back soon. It's the perfect escape from the cold weather!

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