Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's the holiday season...

Ever since we put up our Christmas decorations and started listening to Christmas music on our beloved B101, the Christmas spirit has been in full swing in our house. Abby has loved playing with the nativities, plugging in the Christmas lights, opening Christmas cards and tearing off links on her Christmas-countdown train.

Last week, my parents came into town and we have been keeping up the festivities.

Abby has loved having four adults at her disposal.

Grandpa makes a great Play-Do partner.

We went into the city to see the Macy's light show. Abby insisted that she wanted to sit on Santa's lap, but when the time came, she was utterly terrified. I wish I had a picture of her clinging to Sam in tears. I believe she thought Santa was an inflatable decoration in someone's front yard.

Here's a cute family picture of us waiting in line.

Every year, my family makes Schliefferlies, a deep fried Swiss pastry. Yum! When Sam and I were engaged, we decided to carry on the tradition.

Abby has become quite the helper in the kitchen.

She doesn't even make much of a mess while measuring her flour.

It's been so fun having time to relax and really enjoy the holiday season now that Sam is off from school!

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