Monday, March 21, 2011

Clara's Blessing

When our parents were scheduling their visits to meet/help with Clara, we decided to have them overlap a Sunday so that they could all be here for Clara's blessing. When this plan was made, I was (for some strange reason) under the faulty assumption that Clara would be born early or at least on time. Even though she was only a week old, we decided to go ahead and go for it while everyone was in town.

Clara looked so cute on the way to the church in the bear suit.

Abby was looking pretty cute herself!

Things were a little crazy after church so our photo shoot wasn't particularly lovely. We still need to get pictures of Clara in her dress.

The Fam (Sam wasn't home yet)

Sam gave her a beautiful blessing. Baby blessings are such a special way for a child to start out their life. I hope Clara will always feel the love of her Heavenly Father and her family that was so apparent on that special day.


  1. Love the fam photos. You'll have to update the one on your header (maybe with the one where Abby is giving baby sister a kiss!)

    I can't wait to come visit you in May on my way home and meet Clara!


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