Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Girls

I know it's a perfectly common thing that people do, but it still amazes me every day that I have two kids! We've just completed our first week without either of our parents here. The adjustment has gone better than I expected. I forgot how much newborns sleep! So, a lot of my day is spent playing with Abby and taking care of the cleaning, laundry, etc.--business as usual.

It has been so fun watching Abby take on the role of being the big sister. She is very sweet and helpful. When Sam or I do something Abby deems a good deed she informs us that we are "good big sisters." She has occasional bouts of jealousy, but her grumpiness is always aimed at Sam and me, never Clara.

I have been amazed at the increase in love I have to offer. Now that Clara is in our family, I feel greater love for Abby and Sam. I am (surprisingly) more patient with Abby. I enjoy being with her and playing with her even more.

I am so blessed to be the mommy to such sweet little girls.


  1. They're both so adorable! I love those tiny newborns, it's amazing how fast they grow. I'm sure you're doing awesome with two little girls.

  2. Love the bath time photo. Sam looks like such a happy daddy!


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