Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grammy and Grandpa Visit

My parents came to visit for a week and a half. As usual, their visit was filled with yummy food and lots of spoiling. My girls are blessed with two sets of stupendous grandparents!

We brought grammy to the park with us for a friend's birthday party. Grandpa stayed home with the sleeping baby.

Abby loves the sprinklers.

And, she really loved the pinata.

Snuggling in bed.

We took grandpa to the pool.
Abby borrowed this floaty from another little kid at the pool.

Lounging with grandpa.

Grandpa paid Abby to walk on his back. Ha! He used to try the same thing on me when I was a kid but I wasn't as easily bought. Lucky for me, Abby walks on my back for free!

Abby and Grandpa checking their e-mail.

Abby built a bus for everyone to take a ride.

We made another trip to Reading Terminal. Abby and I tried the famous Bassett's ice cream. Yum!

We went down to Valley Green to feed the ducks and take a walk.

We nixed a trip to the shore because of an extreme heat advisory. We went and walked around Ikea instead.

We sure love having Grammy and Grandpa visit!


  1. I love the picture of your Dad and Abby with the laptops, super cute!


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