Thursday, August 30, 2012

Butterfly Release Celebration

We went to a butterfly release celebration on Saturday. It was held at this cool nature center that has a bunch of animals to look at. The girls loved it. Sam and Clara checked out the bunnies three times.

They had crafts to do, which Abby loved and the girls got to dress up as beautiful butterflies.

Clara yawning. Ha!

The girls both got their faces painted. The lady doing it was just a volunteer and wasn't particularly skilled in the art of face paint. She used stencils and the girls thought it was just wonderful.

Abby got to touch the butterflies and feed them some Gatorade. (Who knew?)

We finished the morning with a picnic lunch. We love doing fun things together and making memories for our family.


  1. so fun! your girls already look so much bigger. i miss our game nights!

  2. Wow...that is so awesome and look like very funny. I really feel enjoyed due to this post. Thank You.


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