Friday, November 2, 2012

Abby Turns FOUR

On October 31 we celebrate Abby's 4th Birthday. I'm not at all sure where four years have gone, but alas, they are definitely gone.
We are so blessed to have such a sweet, beautiful, loving, smart daughter. She is a great big sister, a wonderful helper and a joy to everyone around her.
In the morning, I let her open this new bow shirt to wear to preschool.
We waited for daddy to get home to open the rest of her gifts and the wait was excruciating! She was spoiled rotten. Her favorite gift was the Barbie she showed us at Target a few weeks back.
We had balloons to play with all day, which is always a hit.

 Abby and her friend, little Abby (plus Tiff).

We had an ice cream bar, complete with all the fixin's. I also made cupcakes in ice cream cones. It was the least stressful party I've ever planned because there wasn't a lot of prep work involved. It was nice to spend the day with Abby instead of in the kitchen.

I made this cute sign and also these ice cream cone balloons. What did we ever do without Pinterest?

Clara was sure to snitch some strawberries before the party started.

After the party, most of our guests joined us for trick-or-treating. We were quite the popular group with so many cute little ones.

A rare occasion...a picture of the moms!

Clara LOVED Trick-or-Treating. She would walk right up to the doors and hold her hand out. She would often continue holding it out with expectation of more treats. As this picture shows, she also refused to let go of her bucket, even when it weighed as much as she does.

Abby's costume was quite popular. It still looked pretty cute covered with a coat. We didn't even put Clara's feathers on so you couldn't really tell what she was supposed to be.


This girls snagged a ton of loot.

Abby had a blast on her birthday and everyone else had fun joining in her celebration.
We love out sweet girl!


  1. We were thinking about her as we made our way around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Can't believe it has been four years already.

  2. Happy Birthday Abby! I love that picture of Clara stealing some strawbs, she has this look on her face like, "what mom? I need some strawbs yo."


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