Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, Abby came in to greet me while I was in the bathroom. I said, "Merry Christmas!" Her face lit up with excitement and she said, "You made me so happy!" She hadn't remembered that it was Christmas. Then I sent her out to check out the goods and she was jumping for joy saying something that neither Sam or I could figure out.
I got them to pause to take a quick picture before getting started. We got this real, little tree at the grocery store. It was just right for our little apartment. Unfortunately, it was starting to look pretty shabby by Christmas morning.
Clara was a little under the weather but after a shot of Tylenol and some unwrapping, she was good to go.

Abby got tape! Four rolls all for her.

Clara loved unwrapping. Sometimes she would take the paper off and set the box aside without looking at what was inside. It took her a while to catch on that it was more than just paper on boxes.

This was probably Clara's favorite gift--a cash register. (Proof that I was there.)

Abby got dentist Barbie which we all love. Now her Barbie can be just like daddy.

The girls had a blast playing all day with their new stuff. They didn't ask to watch shows and we could hardly get them to eat. We had a few Skype chats with family and had a delicious Christmas dinner. It was nice having out first Christmas with just our little family.
Grammy and Grampy are coming to celebrate the New Year with us so stay tuned for some more holiday excitement.

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