Thursday, January 3, 2013

New York City

We went on a trip with my parents to New York City. We left after church on Sunday and hit some pretty terrible traffic. After checking into our hotel we went out for pizza and came back to put the girls down for a late bedtime.
The next morning, we ate breakfast and then took a Subway ride downtown. Abby was very excited about the Subway. It was all she would talk about before we left for the trip. The adventure didn't disappoint. The underground train ride was a hit.

Our first stop was the 9/11 Memorial. It is a beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives.

Clara started to have a bit of a meltdown so we left the memorial and went to Trinity Church. The warmth, nice music and a diaper change calmed Clara down and we walked down Wall Street and hopped on another Subway ride back to Time Square. We grabbed some lunch and then took the girls to Toys R Us. They were in heaven checking out all the toys.

At this point, we went back to the hotel to give Clara a nap and relax. My pregnant body was pretty exhausted from walking all morning. I was having a hard time getting around. Our hotel was within the security area for New Year's Eve so we went to a close place for dinner.

After we put the girls down for bed, Sam, my mom and I made our way to Time Square. We didn't get far before hitting the edge of the crowd. After standing for a little while, a barricade changed and we were able to get a bit closer.

Unfortunately, we were still too far away to hear anything and the atmosphere was more grumpy than exciting. When we realized we still had three and a half more hours of standing with strangers touching us and people smoking weed around us, we decided to call it quits. I felt kind of lame but I think it was a good decision. I'm not sure how my body would have fared it we had stayed until midnight. It was fun to be down there for a while and be a part of it.

When we got back to the hotel we ate ice cream bars and I dozed on the couch until just before midnight and then went to bed. Quite the turn of events from what we had planned.

The next morning, we went to FAO Schwarz. Clara had to hug all of the animals she saw.

The girls and I played the big piano.

We walked down Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Center to see the big tree and watch the ice skaters.

We finished our trip by picking up some cupcakes at Magnolias Bakery.

It was a fun little trip. The girls coped well with the cold and had a really good time. Abby didn't want to go back home.

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