Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pregnancy Update

I am 29 weeks today. Everyone keeps telling me how fast it's going but it doesn't feel very fast to me. I actually feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER, but, I guess I sort of have.
As usual, I have been slacking on taking belly pictures. It may have to do with the fact that I feel ginormously huge already but that is mostly just a lame excuse. Isn't getting huge sort of the point? So, here I am, in all of my ginormous glory.

As with previous pregnancies, I experience just about every pregnancy woe you hear about, in small doses. Vomiting? Check. Swelling? Of course. Back pain? You betcha. Constipation? Oh yeah! Rash from my wedding ring? What, you don't get that? I deal pretty well, but I, admittedly, have the occasional meltdown. These meltdowns usually come when I realize I still have almost three months left. And, when you've already been pregnant forever, three months seems like a long time.

So, here's to the last trimester. May it be swift. May it be abbreviated.


  1. You look beautiful, as per usual. You never get huge, its just all baby on you. Since the baby will get here after I leave on my mission I'll just tell you now how adorable your infant is. Totally adorable! Just like your first two. :)

  2. You look amazing and I wish I was there to squeeze that little one when he makes his debut into this world. Hang in there and I am crossing my fingers, toes, arms and legs that you have this baby early or on time :)


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