Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Abby's First Day of Kindergarten

My beautiful firstborn started kindergarten. And, like most first time school-moms, it's been an emotional experience for me. It's a strange thing for me to send my daughter off for six hours a day when I've spent nearly every waking moment with her for the past (almost) six years. I picture her eating lunch and playing outside and I get a little weepy.

She's been very excited to start school. She loved going to buy school supplies and a few new clothes for school. She picked out this dress for the first day and wanted her hair in a pretty bun.

Clara missed her sister. After we picked Abby up, they were practically glued to each other the rest of the day.

Here's Abby in her classroom. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Wilson and she's exactly what you picture a kindergarten teacher being--young and sweet and vibrant.

She seemed to really enjoy her first day. She had lots to talk about, especially since she hadn't really done any speaking for six hours. I hope she'll open up and talk to the other kids before too long.

Here are the pictures of her first preschool days. Oh, how she's grown.

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