Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Abby Turns Six

My sweet Abby turned six years old! With a new baby in the house, six is kind of blowing my mind. 

Abby is a great big sister! She leads Clara in all sorts of activities. She's very sweet to Grant and has always been a big helper when I needed things. She is absolutely in love with her baby sister! I couldn't have asked for a better first-born.

Before school, she really wanted to open a present. I let her open new earrings. The girls haven't changed their earrings since they got them pierced so it was fun to pick out a new pair to wear.

Being Halloween, she got to wear her costume to school, which was lots of fun. She also got to have her Grammy come to her class party.

In the afternoon, the cousins came over and when daddy got home, she got to open the rest of her presents.

Do you think she was excited about this mermaid Barbie that Ella picked out for her?

We ate Jack-o-Lantern pizzas and pink cupcakes.

Cupcake kisses for Uncle Roo.

We sure love our girl!

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