Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Festivities

The girls decided they wanted to be Elsa and Anna for Halloween as soon as they saw the movie. I had looked at some tutorials and was contemplating making the dresses. However, when I saw these dresses on sale, I decided to snatch them up. I ordered them in May and they didn't come until mid-September. I wouldn't let them wear the dresses until Halloween.

We figured that Grant should be Olaf to coordinate with his sisters. I finished making his costume the night before Grace was born.

We attended a neighborhood trunk-or-treat that Sam's office was participating in. It was a lot of fun!

Grant wasn't being very cooperative for pictures. He was people-watching and was very distracted. His costume was a hit. There were so many Elsas and Anna's that an Olaf was quite a novelty.

Sam's parents were visiting last week to help with Grace so we had the cousins over a few times to play and to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa. He did pumpkin carving one night.

Abby and Ella insisted on doing stencils on their pumpkins and it took forever. Abby finally let me help her finish but pumpkin carving is not one of my talents.

Grant was obsessed with "carving" the pumpkins. He cried inconsolably for like 20 minutes when we cleaned up all the pumpkin stuff.

The cousins came back over for Abby's birthday and they went trick-or-treating together. They made out like bandits and had a blast.

Grant's costume looked the best when he was looking down.

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