Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clara Turns Four

My sweet Clara Lynn turned 4! It breaks my heart that she's so grown up.

On her real birthday, we had a party with cousins. I was planning to make some cool candy ice for her cake but I left the kitchen for two minutes and burnt it so the cake wasn't as fancy as I envisioned it. However, I'm starting to realize that Clara doesn't really like cake. She went with a few helpings of ice cream instead.

On the Saturday after her birthday, we had a party with friends. Clara was a bit of a diva and cried several times when things didn't go her way. I guess she's a firm believer in the "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" mentality.

The girls played pin the kiss on the frog.

They decorated their own crowns.

They went on a princess treasure hunt.

The popped balloons with prizes inside.

The decorated their own cupcakes.

And, they made candy/cereal/pretzel necklaces.

It was a fun party! Hopefully next year Clara will be a slightly more gracious birthday girl.

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