Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Grace and Kate's Baby Shower

I'm not usually one to play catch-up on the blog. If more than a couple of weeks have passed, I say good riddance and move on. However, the computer that I keep all of my pictures on miraculously started connecting to the internet again after several months so I took it as a sign to do some blogging. These catch-up posts will probably be picture heavy but that's probably what most people want to see anyway.

My friends Cindy planned a joint baby shower for me and Linda. The shower was actually supposed to be held on the day Grace was born. Linda was due a few weeks after me but ended up having baby Kate the day after I had Grace. The shower was postponed a few weeks to give us (especially Linda from her C-section) time to recover.

There was a delicious ice cream bar, darling decorations and fun conversation. I am so blessed with wonderful friends here in Tucson.

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