Sunday, August 9, 2015

21 Day Fix: What I Ate-Week 3

I love to cook and try new recipes all the time. I would go crazy if I had to eat the same thing everyday. That has been part of the adventure with the 21-Day Fix. I've had some delicious surprises and some disappointments. It's been cool being more conscious of the foods I eat and realizing all of the things I was mindlessly eating before I started the Fix. I am on Day 21 and am getting ready to take my measurements to see what I've accomplished during these 21 days.

Breakfast: 1/2 Piece of Toast (1/2 Yellow) with Peanut Butter (1 t) and Turkey Bacon (Red) The rest of my family had doughnuts for a First Day of School Treat. I cried a little on the inside.
Snack: Blueberries and Apple Slices (Purple)
Lunch: Salad- Assorted Veggies (1 1/2 Greens) with Pork (2 Red) and Creamy Herb Dressing (Orange)
Snack: Carrots (Green)
Dinner: Broccoli Mac and Cheese (1 1/2 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1/2 Green)
Snack: Banana Smoothie- Plain Yogurt (Red), Frozen Banana (Purple) with a drizzle of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon Plus Peanut Butter (1 t)

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs (Red) with Diced Ham (Red) and Chopped Kale (Green) drizzled with hot sauce
Snack: Sunflower Seeds (Orange)
Lunch: Lettuce Wraps-Romaine (Green) topped with Grilled Chicken Strips (Red) and a touch of hot sauce
Snack: Peach (Purple)
Dinner:Mexican Lasagna (1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue I don't really like peppers and onions so I left them out, hence the no green.) with peas and carrots (Green)
Snack: PB and J Cookies (1 Yellow, 1 Purple and 2 t)

Breakfast: Oatmeal (Yellow) with Blueberries (1/2 Purple) and a drizzle of vanilla
Snack: Applesauce (1/2 Purple)
Lunch: Grilled Chicken (2 Red) Topped with Tomatoes (Green), Cilantro and Hummus (Blue)
Snack: Carrots (Green)
Dinner: "Fried" Rice-Brown Rice (Yellow), Pea and Carrots (Green), Chicken (Red) and Scrambled Eggs (Red)
Snack: Sliced Apple (Purple) topped with Peanut Butter (2 t) and Coconut Flakes (Orange)

Breakfast: Plain Yogurt (Red) with Raspberries (1/2 Purple) and vanilla
Snack: Chopped Walnuts (Orange)
Lunch: 2 Corn Tortilla (Yellow) with Sliced Turkey (Red) and Grapes (1/2 Purple)
Snack: Cucumbers (Green)
Dinner:Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet-Ground Turkey (Red), Sweet Potato (Yellow) with Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese (Blue) and a side of Sauteed Brussels Sprouts (Green) all using EVOO (2 t)
Snack: Flat Belly Smoothie-Greek Yogurt (Red), Kale (Green) Blueberries/Pineapple (Purple) Surprisingly delicious. I had my hubby taste it and he asked me to make a double batch next time.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs (Red) with Kale (Green) and Ham (Red) drizzled with hot sauce
Snack: Sunflower Seeds (Orange)
Lunch: Lettuce Wrap-Romaine Leaves (Green) with Grilled Chicken (Red)
Snack: Tropical Fruit Smoothies-Tropical Fruit Medley (Purple) with Plain Yogurt (Red) and a drizzle of honey plus Peanut Butter (2 t)
Dinner: 2 Slices of Cheese Pizza (2 Yellow and 1 Blue) with Cucumbers and Carrots (Green) I was looking forward to this all week!
Snack: Grapes (Purple)

Breakfast: Healthy Banana Pancakes (Yellow, Purple, Red) topped with Peanut Butter (2 t) and a drizzle of honey These were yummy. Much better than the pancakes I made in Week 1.
Snack: Sunflower Seeds (Orange)
Lunch: Lettuce Wraps-Romaine Leaves (Green) with Sliced Turkey (Red) and a drizzle of hot sauce
Snack: Raspberries (1/2 Purple)
Dinner: Chipotle Salad-Romaine and Pico (2 Green), Pork (Red), Rice/Bean (Yellow) and Cheese (Blue) I was supposed to go out to dinner with family for my nephew's birthday but I have a sick kiddo so I opted for this instead. It was a perfect meal to fill the spaces I had allotted for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.
Snack: Plain Yogurt (Red) with Frozen Blueberries (1/2 Purple)

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs (Red) with Ham (Red) and Cheese (Blue)
Snack: I slept in and ate a late breakfast so I wasn't hungry.
Lunch: Sweet Potato (Yellow) topped with Ham (Red) and Carrots (Green)
Snack: Orange Slices (Purple)
Dinner: Pork Carnitas- Corn Tortillas (Yellow), Pork (Red), Lettuce/Tomatoes (2 Green)
Snack: Apples (Purple) with Peanut Butter (2 t) and Coconut (Orange)

I'm ready to start another 21 Days! For more recipe ideas, check out my Pinterest board. I'm always on the hunt for new things to try. Do you have a favorite healthy recipe?

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