Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Leaves...

Now, if you're really awesome, you know that "Everybody Leaves" is kind of a catchphrase of Peyton from One Tree Hill (my not-so-guilty pleasure). Now, Peyton has a tragic life, but I always thought her attitude was still overly negative and super depressing. But, in the past week, I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "leaving" and I've come to the realization that our lives are kind of all about leaving.

We start out with a big one--leaving our Heavenly Father and the total security that comes with living in the presence of our Creator.

Then, our life has a constant theme...friends move, loved ones die, we move away from our families. Eventually, everybody leaves.

If you look back on all of the people who have left you and the ones you have left, it can leave you feeling kind of empty, like there is really nobody who you can rely on. But, there is somebody who will never leave you. We all have a Savior that loves us. He's been through all of our pains and sorrows and He will never leave us. That knowledge has been such a comfort to me throughout my life.

I am so grateful to know that when I leave this world, I will get to return to my Heavenly Father and have that total security again. I will be with my family and friends and none of them will ever leave me again!

Note: This post didn't end up being what I intended it to be but it ended up being exactly what I needed it to be. Thanks for "listening."


  1. I am not really awesome.
    But when we leave, we take little pieces of the ones we leave with us.
    The goodness of this is twofold because:
    1. We are never really alone and
    2. When we're all back together again, we get to be whole. :)
    Who left recently? I hope you're feeling better, whomever it was.

  2. Thanks for you thoughts, Deborah. It's always good to be reminded of how the Lord cares for us. I have to remind myself sometimes daily that He is always with me and I'm not alone. It can get lonely with a little one, especially when the hubby is away 12 hours out of the! Love your heart!


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