Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip to Utah

Abby and I jumped on a plane heading to Utah (via Denver) to meet Abby's newest cousin, attend his blessing and visit with other family members.

Abby was really well-behaved on all of our plane flights. On the way there, she was a busy bee and didn't sleep at all. She was happy and relatively quiet though, so I can't complain too much.

During our layover in Denver, she was quite the entertainer. I think she was just excited to have some freedom.

Abby loved the baby, for the most part. She did have a few moments of jealousy. She liked to hold him and touch his hair and she was always very concerned when he would cry. I explained to her that he was ok, but was just feeling a little bit sad. So, when she would hear him cry, she would say, "Sad."

Philip gave the little dude a lovely blessing. Abby broke the emotional tension by letting out a burp! She was a wild women during church, but looked adorable.

While everyone chatted outside afterward, Abby chose Philip to be her buddy.

Then, she decided to dig in the dirt a while. She is usually quite the girly-girl, but when it comes to digging in the dirt, she's a little tomboy.

After several days with my family, we headed over to Sam's brother's house to spend some time with the Petersons. Abby and her best buddy Bennett warmed up quickly to each other. We like to think they remembered each other.

There was an always adorable cousin bath.

Abby liked the piano. It kind of looks like she knows how to play. Maybe she will learn to play for real someday.

We had a lovely trip but were so happy to get home. We missed our daddy SO much and I think he missed us a little too.

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  1. Sam! I can teach her the Battle Hymn of the Republic if you would like.



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