Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Huggies Model

Because I knew we would be heading to the pool several days last week, Abby spent the mornings in her diaper. (What's the point in getting her dressed if I'm just going to take the clothes right off, right?)

She spent one morning walking around in a pair of my shoes:

Another morning, she decided she needed to wear socks, tennis shoes... and a headband.

Later in the morning she decided to add a shirt to the ensemble, but pants didn't make it into the mix until late afternoon.


  1. You should get her those diapers that look like jeans. She'll totally blow that little baby from the commercial out of the water.

  2. Way too cute. Yeah, a few days this week I didn't even bother putting G in clothes at all. It's hot. Too much work. He hates it anyway. Sweet girl!


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