Wednesday, July 28, 2010

San Diego Zoo

We took a trip to the famous San Diego Zoo. Now, I thought it was just lovely, but really, a zoo is a zoo in my opinion.

Philip and I, never serious!

This was probably the coolest part of the zoo. We were so close to the elephants.

We tamed this Saber-Tooth Tiger

If you know me, you know I was super excited that they had, not one, but two kinds of camels!

Abby had a serious meltdown in the middle of the day. She was tired (since she had woken up in the night to puke). We went home, had some lunch, took a nap and returned.

Abby can only sit in her stroller so long. We learned that keeping it folder was a smarter approach because then she didn't want to (very slowly) push it around the zoo.

By far, Abby's favorite part of the zoo... eating an Icee! She was a mess, but she was content riding in her stroller for quite some time, so we were happy.

Aren't we just a darling pair of sister-in-laws!?!

When all was said and done, it was a slightly stressful (ok maybe a lot stressful) but really fun day at the zoo.

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  1. Who are those hotties in that last picture?!?


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