Monday, July 19, 2010

The Start of Our Week in San Diego

After two weeks in Arizona, we packed our bags and loaded up the car to drive with my parents to San Diego (where we met Philip, Merrick and their little dude). We woke up the morning of our drive to a little girl covered in puke. Sad! She went on to throw up another time in San Diego, poor thing. Grammy and Grampy's Pack-and-Play is officially broken in!

As soon as we arrived, Abby took Grammy outside to play in the sand.

We spent the weekend relaxing around the house and eating yummy food.

Abby loved to sit or lay down on the baby's blanket. She was always very concerned about him. When he was sleeping, she would shush anyone walking in his general direction.

Abby loved playing on the balcony. She would rearrange the chair incessantly and she would get any willing body to go outside to do bubbles with her.

Aunt Merrick painted Abby's toes and she was thrilled about it. She still points out the remaining polish and tells me, "pretty."

A special thanks to Merrick for taking lots of pictures because I was horrible at it! More to come...


  1. to know the depth of this compliment, i must note my aversion to feet. BUT, that's pretty much the cutest little feet picture i've ever seen! hope you guys are having fun with the fam:)

  2. You guys need to come over so I can give you the rest of the photos!


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