Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Evening of Firsts

A church just up the road hosts one of those travelling carnivals every year. Some of our friends were going, so we decided to join them. I wasn't sure if Abby would like it but my concerns were unwarranted. She LOVED it!

We started off with Abby's first roller coaster ride on The Dragon Wagon.

She kept a straight face most of the time, so I wasn't sure if she was having fun, but as soon as she go off, she wanted to do it again. I don't think she was quite sure how to respond to all of the excitement.

Next, Sam took Abby down the giant slide.

They beat Dixon in the race. I think they had the advantage with Sam's extra weight.

Next, Sam took Abby and Dixon on Abby's first Ferris Wheel ride.

Abby said, "We're way high in the sky."

After that, the kiddos went on some little airplanes. I thought Abby might be nervous without daddy but we were trying to save up our tickets for her to go on more rides. She was so brave and flew along happily with Tay by her side.

We wanted Abby to play her first carnival game so we found one with a prize guarantee. She caught the "small" shark (surprise, surprise). She got to choose between a princess crown, a dart gun, a magic wand and a stuffed whale. She went with the gun! Ha!

She chose to go on the airplane again. This time all by herself.

As we walked around, she kept asking to go on the big rides--the ones requiring riders to be twice her size. I think we have a little dare devil on our hands.

We gave Clara the old switcheroo so I could take Abby down the big slide two more times.

We finished off the night with an overpriced, yet delicious, funnel cake--a first for Sam and Abby. It was really hot when Sam went to pull off the first bite. Ha!

The undocumented first of the night was Abby's first time in a port-o-potty (Have a mentioned that she is potty trained? WOOO!) I had to laugh when she asked to wash her hands. Sorry honey, no sinks in the port-o-potty. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.

We had such a fun night. I love seeing Abby have so much fun experiencing things for the first time. My face was sore from smiling so much.


  1. That looks awesome! I'll have to take the boys down to Strawberry Days this summer for a little carny fun.

  2. Don't you just love those firsts? Sydney loves those giant slides too...they're the best!


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