Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flashback Sunday: The First Kiss

As previously mentioned, it was a long-awaited first kiss. If we're being honest though, it really wasn't that long. 13 days from our first date, to be exact. It seemed long though because we spent every spare minute we had hanging out with each other.

After school/work, I accompanied Sam to his work BBQ. (I know, right? Who brings a girl they haven't even smooched yet to a work party?) The guys from work had been teasing him that he was making me up so he thought he'd better bring me along to prove my existence.

We cut out of the party early to head to Sam's ultimate frisbee game. Sam can't remember the outcome of the game but I'm fairly certain they lost (miserably). However, being the last game of the season, everyone decided a celebration was in order anyway.

We all met back at Sam's apartment for ice cream.

While everyone was hanging out, it started to rain. I suggested to Sam that we go play in the rain. (Too many good kissing opportunities had passed and what's more romantic than a kiss in the rain?)

While we were walking/dancing (Sam walking, me dancing) around outside. Sam gave me a hug and, being a romantic, asked me if he could push me in the bushes. I made some snarky comment like, "Do it and see what happens."

After getting sufficiently wet, we started to head back inside. We paused for another hug under a light. I looked up at Sam and he planted one on me. There were fireworks and angels singing. Best first kiss ever! Totally worth the loooonnng wait!

And 700,000,000 kisses later, there are still fireworks and angels singing.

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