Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flashback Sunday: Meet the Parents

As was mentioned last Flashback Sunday, (yes, I'm perfectly aware it was a couple of weeks ago) I spent several weeks visiting my parents in Arizona during the summer we started dating (2007).

A few days before I left, Sam and I were having a deep, heartfelt talk about our feelings regarding one another. In the midst of our discussion, Sam said something along the lines of, "I'm glad you're leaving..." I immediately got emotional thinking that meant he wanted to break up with me. After some apologies and backpedaling, he reassured me that what he meant was that he thought it would make our relationship stronger to spend some time apart--to make sure our feelings were just as strong when we weren't together every waking moment. Then, he told me that he loved me and I told him that I loved him back. (Awww)

The day of my flight, Sam and I had planned to go to temple square in Salt Lake City before heading to the airport. The time came for us to get going and Sam was nowhere to be heard of. I called him several times and finally went outside to wait. While I was outside, Sam's roommate came home (remember, we were next door neighbors) and asked me what I was doing outside. He went inside and found Sam totally snoozing. His phone was on vibrate and didn't wake him up. He rushed to get ready and we still had time to do the things we had planned.

I was pretty emotional at the airport. Sam wasn't just my boyfriend but my best friend and I didn't want to be apart from him. We said our goodbyes and I headed off.

After being in Arizona for only a couple of days, Sam booked a ticket to come visit me and meet my parents. Until that time came, we talked on the phone for several hours each night. A few weeks into the visit, my parents got the cell phone bill and it was astronomical. My parents were pretty upset with me but I assured them I only talked after the free night minutes started. When I called to find out why the bill was so high, they explained that because I was added to the phone plan later, my night minutes started an hour later than my parents did. Oops! I convinced them to reduce the bill but it was still significantly more than my parents had ever paid. Needless to say, our phone conversations started a bit later after that.

I was thrilled when Sam finally came to visit. While he was in Arizona we did a lot of fun things.

We ate delicious Mexican food.

We went to a Diamondbacks game.

We walked around the Mesa temple grounds.

And we spent a lot of time swimming and playing at my parent's house.

I also talked to Sam's parents on the phone since it would be a while before I could meet them. They were serving a mission in England.

It was such a fun visit and after he left I couldn't wait to get back to Utah to be together again. Despite how hard it was being apart, the time I spent in Arizona really did make our relationship stronger.

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