Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Playing

It's strange to me to realize that I spend the majority of every day playing. Most grown ups aren't so lucky, so I should count myself blessed!

Abby has had fun revisiting her infancy and playing with the baby toys.

We gave Clara a piece of graham cracker to nibble on. You can't really tell in this picture, but it was all over her shirt.

Oh heavens, she is a cutie. But, that's just my totally unbiased opinion.

How big does Abby look!?! I can't believe she will be 3 in 2.5 weeks.

Clara's favorite thing to do lately is unload all of the toys from her box into her lap. When the box is empty she grumps until we put all of the toys back in.

I love this picture because it shows off her constant moving, stretching feet. I think they stay so tiny because she is constantly working them out.

My girls enjoying their after-nap milk. Why do they always have cute moments when Abby is covered in sweat?

It truly is a blessing to play with these girls all day, even though I'm occasionally convinced I will drop dead if I have to play Play-Do or watch another segment of Elmo's World. (Does anyone else find Mr. Noodle totally disturbing?) My girls are so much fun and I dread the day when they won't want to play with me anymore.

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  1. Look at that cute girl sitting up so well! That's awesome.


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