Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

October 31 has everything to do with our sweet, spunky first born and little to do with Halloween. So, I'll do a Halloween post today.

We had a bunch of errands to run today and just as we were ready to leave, I looked out the window and saw that it was snowing. The weather reports had predicted snow but I didn't think it was supposed to start until the evening.

When we got back from our errands, Abby was dying to play in the snow.

Because of the "dangerous" weather conditions, the Halloween party at the church was cancelled. The party was going to be a chili cook-off, and our friends had already made a big pot of chili, so they invited a bunch of people over for a mini-Halloween party.

We put our girls in their costumes and they sure looked cute!

Sam and I threw together last minute costumes because our orginal plans fell through. I was a reindeer. Sam was a stocking (a costume I have from a high school assembly). There's no picture of Sam in the stocking because he looks a little woozy in the only one I took.

It was a fun alternative to the big party but we're still pretty bummed it got cancelled.

As we speak, Abby is up way past bedtime sledding with daddy and the Flemings. Sometimes, staying up past bedtime to go sledding is just what a little girl needs.


  1. I love the bow you put on clara's costume to make it a nice girly giraffe :)

    Everyone looks very cute!


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