Sunday, May 6, 2012


I thought I'd post a few random pictures of some of the goings on in our neck of the woods...

This is when Clara was first learning to walk. She is totally pro now and is ALL OVER the place.

These two love playing together more and more. It's so fun to watch them and hear their giggles.

Munching on some cereal.

One day, I took all of the cushions off the couches to vacuum and it was a whole lot of fun for the girlies. Abby asked to play on them another day. Clara is a bit of a dare devil and totally stresses me out.

Sam gave blood and handcuffed Abby with his bandage when he got home. He also gave her his blood donor sticker.

Oh, this girl is a handful but we sure love her.

Reading books in the tent with daddy.

My friend took this picture of Abby playing at the park. I love it!

After watching Curious George one day, Abby NEEDED to make a squirrel house. Luckily daddy was home to help in the construction. Abby painted and stickered and made a bed out of paper leaves. She wants to do projects whenever possible.

This little lady is always very busy. She is much more mischievous than Abby ever was. I need to get some pictures of her facial expressions--oh man, she cracks me up.

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