Monday, May 14, 2012

Carnival Fun

The annual carnival came to town last week. We watched the fluctuating weather reports and decided we'd better go Wednesday night as it was the least likely day to rain. It turned out to be family night, which made the wrist band for Abby a super good deal. Abby had a blast going on all the rides. It was so nice to have Garrett there so they could go together.

The only thing Abby didn't like was the bumper cars. I don't think she knew what to expect and didn't particularly like getting crashed into repeatedly. I finally stopped in a corner so we would be mostly out of the way.

Clara didn't love being at the carnival. She wanted to walk all over but the grass wasn't super stable so she kept falling down. She did have a fun time doing the slide with daddy. Next year she should be ready to do some rides.

I stole most of these pictures from Becky. She gets better shots with her much nicer camera.

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