Monday, September 17, 2012

Quiet Time

A sad thing is happening in our home.

Abby is not napping most days.

She will usually lay in her bed fairly quietly for around an hour at which point she calls to me or emerges suddenly.

When this first started happening, I turned into an angry, demon-mom and told her she'd better go back to bed or else... (Empty, empty threats.)

During the past week or so, she has been pretty consistent with the no nap. I've been able to keep my cool (Go me!) and I tell her she can play quietly in her room until Clara wakes up. So far, this has gone over well. (However, she does have a tendency to hum while she is "playing quietly," which can be slightly irritating, particularly if a certain mom is trying to take a nap.)

I know I should count myself lucky that she is almost four and still napping. The fact of the matter is, she needs to nap some days. Ya know, like those days when she wakes up at 6 a.m. So, I will continue to lay her down every day with the hope that she'll find herself in dreamland. But, if not, I'll keep demon-mom at bay and embrace quiet time.

I knew this day was coming. I was just hoping it came when she started kindergarten.


  1. Oh, I feel you. I can only get Garrett to nap about twice a week. The other days he lays in bed listening to audiobooks. It is frustrating but you are right I knew this day would come. I feel fortunate that G is over four.

  2. I make Shyanne run laps around the living room about an hour before nap time on days that we don't really go outside and do anything. Four year olds have too much energy they need to burn off before they can nap.


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