Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mommy Wars

I just read an article that talks about the fight between the stay-at-home mom and the working mom.


The author has done both and talks about the guilt that comes from both decisions. My favorite quote reads:

“Did you go to all three of those college classes just so you could clean the kitchen and play Candy Land all day? And how is it that you don’t even do those things very well? Can you concentrate on nothing? Look at this mess! A good mom would clean more and play less. Also, a good mom would clean less and play more. Also a good mom would clean more and play more and quit emailing altogether. Additionally, I’ve been meaning to ask if you’re sure you feel comfortable spending so much money when you don’t even make any."

I find myself having a similar internal discussion all the time.

The conclusion I've come to is this, None of us is doing it right and yet, we're all doing it right, for us, right now.

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