Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year. I was looking at Facebook in the morning and saw that one of my friends had done a heart hairstyle on her daughter so I asked Abby if she wanted one too. She, of course, said yes.

For the girls' Valentine's cards this year, I showed them one of those "50 Homemade Valentine Idea" blog posts and let them choose which ones they wanted to make. Luckily, they chose (with a bit of coaching) easy ones.

Abby picked this Starburst Valentine. She helped open the Starbursts and tape them on.

Clara choose this cute little pirate. We all worked on putting the heart sticker eye patch and taping candy to the back. I was grateful that my mother-in-law sent these cute stickers so I didn't have to bust out the sewing machine.

We attended Charise's third annual Valentine's Day party which was a blast, as always.

We brought these hot dog cupid arrows. We made little hot dog/cheese skewers with the leftover hot dogs.

The kids had lots of fun playing and exchanging Valentines. This picture was taken after about half of the group had gone home. It was pretty wild. I should have posted the progression of this picture. Abby and Ian seem to sink farther into the couch in each photo.

When daddy came home, he surprised us each with our own bouquet. The girls thought it was wonderful to get their very own flowers. Abby and I surprised daddy by decorating the house with hearts.

Don't mind Abby's lack of pants...She is my child after all.

For dinner, we had heart-shaped ravioli (Thanks Costco!), broccoli, French bread and homemade strawberry lemonade. For a treat we ate Pop Rocks that the girls got in their goodie bags. It was pretty entertaining to witness their first Pop Rocks experience.

After the girls went to bed, Sam and I ate ice cream and watched a movie--a perfect night!


  1. we did the same starburst valentine! i was so glad my kids picked them, no assembly required :)


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