Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quiet Time

Abby has officially transitioned to quiet time. The last time she took a nap was when she was sick a few weeks ago, aside from dozing off in the car on the way home from Costco one day. She's doing better with it too. She doesn't put up a fight. In fact, she is usually pretty excited about it. Maybe this is why...

Why yes, that is an entire Costco-sized box of diapers unloaded onto the floor. Of course there is a tricycle on the bed. And, there is almost always a panda bear (or some other animal) wearing one of Clara's church dresses.

The girl can make a serious mess. The diaper thing was definitely a surprise though. Her messes usually involves Clara's clothes being loaded into suitcases or put onto animals. She would prefer the baby clothes but I put a stop to that when she completely unloaded a drawer I had spent all morning sorting into sizes.

The amazing thing is that she does it all so quietly. The only sound I ever really hear is her opening and closing her closet door. She sometimes comes out of her room to get something without me even noticing.

I guess I can't complain too much about the mess when I can take a nap everyday if I want.

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