Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Carnival

It's been a while, my dear blog friends. I apologize. Things have been busy but mostly uneventful.
Last week, I took a quick trip to Utah for my Grandpa's funeral. I am now grandparentless, which is pretty sad. Luckily, I still have Sam's amazing grandma that I can claim. Sam took the day off while I was gone to stay home with the girls (I took Grant with me). While they were out having fun, they spotted the makings of a carnival but they couldn't tell if it was being taken down or set up.
We saw it all set up on Saturday and since our previous plans for the night were cancelled we decided to fork out the big bucks and take the kids.
This carnival didn't have quite as many kid-friendly rides as the one in Philly did. And, it was set up in a dirt field, which made it slightly less enjoyable. Oh, the joys of living in the desert.
This ride was their favorite. The cars would go slow on the straight-aways and then whip around the curves. 

This picture was before the ride even started. Silly Abby.

Grant enjoyed looking at all the lights and people.

There was a little walk-through fun house that the girls weren't too sure about. The worker had to walk them through a few parts because they were a little stressed out.

Lucky for these adventurous girls, they will be at Knott's Berry Farms in just a few days.

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