Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Day in the Desert

Sam's parents are in town and since Sam and his brother were both off work on Monday, we decided to go to an ostrich farm. Oh my goodness. It was a ton of fun!
They gave you big cups of feed to give to different animals. There were donkeys, deer, ostriches, baby donkeys, ducks, prairie dogs and lorakeets. I need to get some more pictures from my MIL and SIL of all of the different things.

Ostriches are such strange animals. One of the ostriches took grandpa's hat. I couldn't stop laughing because they were so weird.

We got to go on a monster truck tour around the ranch. It was fun. It got a little wild at the end and poor Grant wasn't a fan. He was really tired and the thrashing about was making him pretty sad. At the end of the ride, we went Ostrich fishing. You clip orange slices on the end of a fishing pole and they pull them. So funny.

Later that afternoon, we went shooting in the desert. It was my first time ever shooting a gun and it was pretty fun.

I felt pretty cool shooting this shot gun but I'd say shooting the AK47 made me feel the coolest.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted and covered in dirt. It was a fun day in the desert.

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