Tuesday, November 5, 2013


When we walked out to get in the car to take Abby to preschool this morning, the automatic lock wouldn't work. So, I opened the car door with the key. Crazy, I know. Pretty sure I haven't done that since 1995. (I actually have no idea when opening your car door with a button became the norm.) Then, when I went to put the key in the ignition, the car wouldn't start. Awesome. I really wanted Abby to be at school today. There was fall break last week and we missed a day the week before that when we were in California. We had made birthday treats for her to bring and her tuition was due. I ran inside, grabbed the double stroller and the Bjorn and loaded up the troops. I was grumpy all the way there. I was frazzled. I hate when things don't go as planned and I really hate being late. After dropping her off, about 20 minutes late, I started to relax a bit and think about my blessings instead of my problems.

Last night, for Family Home Evening, we started a thankful tree. We each wrote a few things we were thankful for and put them on our tree. Later in the evening, I was thinking about other things I was grateful for and one of my first thoughts was our car. As I was walking home, I remembered that thought and laughed to myself. You become really grateful for you car when you can't use it. So, I decided to be grateful that we've never had problems with our car in the four years we've had it. And then, the ball really started rolling. I'm grateful that we have the means to send Abby to preschool. I'm thankful to be blessed with my wonderful children when there are so many who aren't. I'm grateful for good health, that I could walk to preschool. I'm grateful for patient children who didn't whine when things weren't going according to plan I'm grateful...I'm grateful...I'm grateful.

One of my favorite quotes says, "Gratitude turns what we have into enough." When I choose to focus on all that I have, I realize how unbelievably blessed I am.

So today, I choose to be thankful!

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