Sunday, December 8, 2013

Electric Light Parade

Last night, we went to the Casa Grande Electric Light Parade. The girls were very excited all day for the parade, and frankly, so was I. After a bit of maneuvering through the neighborhood due to closed streets, we found a great place to park and set up our chairs. I ran into McDonalds to grab some food and we ate while we waited. It was a chilly evening by Arizona standards. The kids looked so cute bundled up. 

Don't mind the chicken nugget in Clara's mouth.

Right before the parade started, Sam ran back in to buy some hot chocolate, which finally cooled down enough to drink a little while before the parade was over.

We had a blast watching the floats and dancing around. The girls came home with quite the haul of candy too, which makes for extra happy kids.

Every time I would show Grant the glow stick he would open his mouth and put it in. He is such a little puppy.

Very soon, the pictures on my blog won't be so blurry. A very Merry Christmas for this mama!

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