Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lost Tooth

While Sam was brushing Abby's teeth the other day, he noticed that one of her teeth was loose. We expected it to take a while for her to lose the tooth because her personality isn't the "wiggle your lose tooth incessantly" type, if that makes any sense.

Two days later, the girls were playing Play-Do in the living room while I was in Grant's room playing with him. Abby started crying really hard and came running in. She was bleeding and her tiny tooth was in her hand. We didn't prepare her for the possibility of blood so it scared her. Once, she calmed down, she was very excited.

Being the dental daddy, Sam came home for lunch to check it out. I had mention to him that it looked a little strange to me and that I wanted him to take a look. The tooth had a funny shape and it looked like there was some tooth/root left in her gum. He took her in, took X-rays and dug around a bit only to realize that it was just her adult tooth popping (the first thing I typed was pooping, hehe) through.

I made her a little pouch to put her tooth in when she put it under her pillow. She had a really hard time going to sleep because she couldn't stop thinking about the tooth fairy. The first time Sam went in, she sat up so he had to leave and wait a while. She's never had a problem sleeping on Christmas Eve but maybe it was the prospect of someone coming into her room that was making her anxious.

This feels like such a big kid milestone. Stop growing up so fast sweet girl!

1 comment:

  1. What a cute idea to make a little pouch for the tooth! I wish Abby had lost her tooth before Bennett so I could copy you.


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