Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The day after we got back from Utah, we went to Marana to celebrate New Year's Eve. My niece Ella had decorated and set up activities for the kids. She is such a fun girl and we just love having her around!
Whenever we go to the cousin's house, the kids love playing on the trampoline--even Grant!

They played pin-the-nose on the snowman.

They watched a Barbie movie. Do you see how Ella has her arms around the girls? Melts my heart.

We decided to get crazy and let the girls stay up until midnight. They were playing hard the whole time. There was no whining and the grown ups were able to play games. It was pretty awesome.

At about 11:55, Clara started crying and freaking out. I took this picture at 11:57. She was so close!

We did poppers and blew horns at midnight and Abby loved it!

These two were being hilarious blowing their horns at each other.

Unfortunately, Grant was up most of the night and ended up puking in the morning, poor guy.

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